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Qantas Strike 3

August 2, 2008

Aug 2 Qantas Jet Makes 3rd Emergency Landing in a week.
The captain of Qantas Boeing 767 with 200 passengers on board, had to dump fuel over the ocean and then landed the jumbo jet safely.

A hydraulic leak in the controls in the wing was detected on the plane shortly after it took off from Sydney Airport en route to Manila. Qantas said the leak wasn’t apparent prior to takeoff. On inspection, engineers determined that fluid was coming from the spoiler actuator that was not evident before departure. I believe it is sabotage.


Smoking Caused Carrier Fire

July 31, 2008

Smoking appears to have sparked a fire that caused $70 million in damage tothe nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington.  Unauthorized smoking by a crew member ignited flammable liquids that were improperly stored.

Hole in Qantas plane

July 27, 2008

July 27 UPDATE A QANTAS Boeing 747 passenger plane made an emergency landing in the Philippines after a large hole appeared in its fuselage.  The 346 passengers heard a loud bang and wind and debris rushed through the cabin.  The plane rapidly lost altitude, falling from 40,000 ft to about 25,000 ft.  Then everyone got their oxygen masks on.  Passengers were scared and vomited.

Some passengers told Australian media that their oxygen masks failed to work properly, leading some to nearly pass out.  Some had to share oxygen masks between 3 people.  Some children were screaming and flailing from lack of oxygen.

Part of the ceiling and flooring gave way, exposing some of the cargo below, and part of the ceiling also collapsed.  Tests for bomb residue were negative.  An oxygen cylinder could have exploded mid-flight.  Qantas is inspecting every oxygen bottle aboard its fleet of 30 Boeing 747s.

Japan Claims South Korea Islands

July 15, 2008

July 15 Japan claims islands in the Sea of Japan, currently controlled by South Korea in its school textbooks.  Seoul Korea recalled its ambassador.

Japan has a similar dispute with Russia over several islands in the Kurilechain it calls the Northern Territories. The area surrounding the islands is rich in fish.
Many Koreans harbor resentment against Japan for its 1910-45 colonial rule.
I suspect this move is a reponse to the rising food crisis in the world.

Pakistan biggest terrorism exporter in the world

July 15, 2008

July 15 Afghan president Hamid Karzai accused the Pakistan ISI intelligence agency of being behind the latest upsurge of Taliban attacks and deaths. He denounced Pakistan’s intelligence agency and military as having become the biggest exporter of terrorism and extremism to the world, particularly Afghanistan.
Pakistan allows Taliban and Al-Qaeda to regroup in its tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan. Pakistanis fear attack by the USA.

Read your BIBLE

July 13, 2008

The ONLY NEWS we need is in the BIBLE

All TV gives us is political trash. KIBBLE for the SHEEPL

Scripture is the ONLY TRUTH!! It TELLS you to PRAY for govt, NOT trust them!
If you trust NEWS media, even GOD cannot help you. They plan our destruction.
If you BELIEVE the mainstream NEWS, you are in very deep trouble!
Their evil agenda is to promote NWO CONTROL..
Tragicly, many so called christian leaders and media have sold out.

It is hard to find NEWS amid all the trash on TV, radio and online
If you choose to believe TV, radio, newspapers, I cant help you. They lie to you.

THE NEWS IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS. Truth is irrelevant.

ALL of them?


My people are destroyed (perish) for lack of knowledge. Because you rejected
knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest (representative).
Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children
Hosea 4:6