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NO man-caused global warming!

August 15, 2008

The latest ABC poll on “global warming” suggests more Americans are beginning to understand they are being manipulated by a big hoax. Wise Americans are not buying into the silly notion that the world is on the precipice of man-made, catastrophic climate change.

Clear majorities support offshore oil drilling in currently restricted waters and production in off-limits wilderness areas. Finding new energy sources is more important than improving conservation. Few are smart enough to know the difference between cyclical, naturally occurring global warming and the man-made, variety.


1 in 3 hives wiped out in a year

August 15, 2008

August 2008 – Honeybee population collapses in UK. The number of honeybees in the UK has dramatically declined in 2008. Nearly one in three beehives were wiped out during the winter and spring, prompting fears of a shortage of honey.

Bad weather forced the bees to stay in their hives and stopped them hunting for pollen and nectar. This spells serious trouble for pollination services and honey producers.
Note – Are GM crops the culprit? ORGANIC gardeners report having healthy bees.